(Kirr's Chess Engine Comparison)
A tournament of original free chess engines
June 16, 2013
Testing summary:
Total: 135,679 games
played by 202 programs
1398 CPU days (X2 4600+)

White wins: 55,227 (40.7%)
Black wins: 47,434 (35.0%)
Draws: 33,018 (24.3%)
White score: 52.9%

Various statistics

Ponder hit

Ponder hit stats show the proportion of correctly predicted moves in a match of two engines. Book moves and forced moves are ignored (or in fact any moves made in 0 seconds), as well as all moves with abs(evaluation) of 9 pawns or more (this takes care of tablebase and mating lines). Also drawn games are ignored entirely.

Most similar and most different pairs

Ponder hit cross-tables

Evaluation difference

Average difference in evaluation on consecutive moves is compared for each pair of engines that played a match. Only expected moves are used for this.

Example: For this sequence of moves: "1.e4 {+0.15} c5 {+0.08} 2.Nf3 {+0.25}" the evaluation difference will be computed as (abs(0.08-0.15) + abs(0.25-0.08))/2 = 0.12 (in pawns).

Most close and most different pairs

Evaluation difference cross-tables

Created in 2005-2012 by Kirill Kryukov
Updated on June 16, 2013