(Kirr's Chess Engine Comparison)
A tournament of original free chess engines
June 16, 2013
Testing summary:
Total: 135,679 games
played by 202 programs
1398 CPU days (X2 4600+)

White wins: 55,227 (40.7%)
Black wins: 47,434 (35.0%)
Draws: 33,018 (24.3%)
White score: 52.9%


Match lengths

The unit of KCEC testing is a match of 32 games between two engines. Many old matches have fewer games now, because of later improvements in game filtering (removing duplicates and bad book openings).

The average match length is 29.0 games.


Every newly added engine plays matches with opponents of comparable strength. At least 16 nearest lower rated and 16 nearest higher rated opponents must be met to enter the list.

4671 matches have been played in KCEC so far.

Rating differences

Average difference is 80.8 points.

Average rating in each match

Average 'average rating' among all matches is 2343.4 points.

So, the most typical KCEC match is played by two engines rated 2303 and 2384 points.

Rating difference vs average rating

Each dot represents a match of two engines.

Created in 2005-2012 by Kirill Kryukov
Updated on June 16, 2013