(Kirr's Chess Engine Comparison)
A tournament of original free chess engines
June 16, 2013
Testing summary:
Total: 135,679 games
played by 202 programs
1398 CPU days (X2 4600+)

White wins: 55,227 (40.7%)
Black wins: 47,434 (35.0%)
Draws: 33,018 (24.3%)
White score: 52.9%

About KCEC


KCEC stands for "Kirr's Chess Engine Comparison". It is a tournament of free single-CPU chess engines. KCEC time control and conditions are compatible with CCRL 40/4, so all KCEC games are also submitted to CCRL 40/4 database. KCEC ratings are calibrated to CCRL 40/4 rating list from 2008-07-25 using all shared engines.


Participation is by invitation only, although I appreciate information about any notable engines that I am still missing. Any participating engine has to be freeware, reasonably stable, and contain significant amount of original work. It has to support UCI (preferred) or Winboard protocol and be able to play under KCEC conditions (1 core, repeated time control, ponder off, no own book).

Tournament Format

Testing Conditions

Created in 2005-2012 by Kirill Kryukov
Updated on June 16, 2013