Frequency of 7-piece endgame positions

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Frequency of 7-piece endgame positions

Post by Pachnes »

Hi, when we did download 6-piece Nalimov TBs about 12 years ago, there were 2 lists of the frequency of 6-piece positions, one for humay play, the other one for computer games. Does such lists also exist for 7-piece endgame positions?

I know that: ... stics.html


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Re: Frequency of 7-piece endgame positions

Post by syzygy »

They probably exist, but I don't remember seeing one.

It is clear that KRPPvKRP is the most important table.

To play out KRPPvKRP endings reliably, you need all tables that can be reached from KRPPvKRP by one or more promotions (both .rtbw and .rtbz). But if you just want to probe win/draw/loss, it is sufficient to have KRPPvKRP.rtbw and (importantly) all 6-piece tables.

Not all 6-piece tables are really needed for KRPPvKRP (only those that can be reached by captures and promotions), but if you're getting into 7-piece tables anyway, it does not seem worth the bother to be selective with the much smaller 6-piece tables.

So for analysis purposes you probably want to start with KXPPvKXP and KXPPvKYP.
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