CCRL Games on Scid

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CCRL Games on Scid

Post by antonio_rodrigues »

Hi all,

I'm a club level chess player starting on programming and came across your site.

I'm trying to open the games pgn file in scid vs pc but I'm getting a error about the number of rounds

[Round Name limit of 262143 exceeded]

I trying to open the pgn file with Notepad++ to remove the round number but the file is too big for Notepad++

Do you have any advice?

Best Regards,

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Re: CCRL Games on Scid

Post by h.g.muller »

I understood that due to abuse of the PGN Round tag the CCRL database is not compatible with SCID. If you have access to a Linux system or Cygwin you could use 'sed' to delete all Round tags.
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Re: CCRL Games on Scid

Post by Ray »

This has been discussed on talkchess before. We use the Round Tag in a slightly unconventional way, but still within the definition and specification. If SCID can't deal with it, then it needs fixing.
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