How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

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How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by Pachnes »


Having a Low ID does always mean, that the needed ports in your hardware firewall and/or softwarefirewall are not opened for eMule and/or those needed ports are not forwarded in your hardware router (if you use one) to the IP of the computer, where your eMule is installed. Remember: You need a fixed IP at your eMule PC.

So please read the chapter about DHCP (DHCP does not work with eMule) and fixed IP addresses and the chapter about forwarding ports in the handbook of your router. The two pages paper, which came with your router are not the handbook, the handbook is about 150 pages and is probably a pdf - file on the CD, which came with the router. You must forward one port for TCP and one port for UDP. You can choose these port numbers (64000 >= port number >= 3000) by yourself (example 12345 for TCP and 12355 for UDP), the difference between both values should be at least 10. The port numbers, you forward and/or open must be the same, you did choose in eMule "Options", "Connections".

Do not choose the standard numbers 4662 for TCP and 4672 for UDP, as some internet providers try to reduce traffic at these ports :-(

Clients with Low ID have to suffer from several disadvantages:

They get punished by all eMule credit/rating systems.

When a client with Low ID has climbed my waiting queue to Rank 1, it can not get an upload slot in advance, because no eMule can inititate an upload to a Low ID client. The Low ID client has to initiate the download by itsself. So the Low ID client has to wait until 25 minutes for this upload slot. When a client asks more often then every 25 minutes, it gets banned by all eMules.

When a client with High ID has climbed my waiting queue to Rank 1, my eMule is able to upload in advance to this High ID client, as it can route to the IP-address of an eMule with High ID.

So consider, to configure your network for High ID.

I will help, when you have a problem with the firewall.


Re: How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by Vegan »

Many firewalls are configured to block P2P like eMule which is being used legit for tablebase distribution. NVIDIA is one, and likely there are others. I use a Linksys WTR54G and I don't have problems behind it.

I put the free AVG up on my web site, direct download.
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Re: How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by lsvll1 »

This may be helpful. Firstly, I too have a Linksys WRT54G router and no problems forwarding.

However, I had problems with my McAfee firewall, even though it said that eMule was a program with Full Access to the web. The solution was to go to the McAfee firewall event log and specifically give permission to

Re: How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by Vegan »

I have come to view software firewalls to be garbage, they don't work nearly as well as a hardware solution like I use. In fact most are more of nuisance. For example NVIDIA's firewall has memory leaks.

I have a page on Windows safety on my site, it is still brief but to the point. Those cheap Linksys WRT54G boxes are worth it in the long run. I have an older version 4, last of the 4 MB models before they went to 2 MB starting with version 5. The firewall has all the features needed and properly supports Universal PNP. Other brands are also useful.

Some eMule servers give me a low ID while other give me a high ID. If I find a low ID, I tag the server with low priority. Same for useless and/or bogus servers.

Re: How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by Vegan »

I now am using the new 0.49b beta 1, and testing some servers that used to give me a low id no longer do that. Looks like the problem with port forwarding is fixed properly now.

The beta is open, and after using it for a couple of days it seems that it is stable enough to finish off the leeching of 33p and 42p.

Looks like I am on track to finish by the end of September or so. I wish. My max download rate is 1200 KB/s so at that rate it takes 12 days or so to download the tablebases. Lucky to get 200 KB/s.
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Re: How to get a High ID? Update 14. June 2008

Post by JohnnyBob »

I just wanted to comment re acquiring the 6-piece EGTBs from a newbie's point of view. I recently became interested and tried the different methods available. I tried eMule for the 6-piece pawnless EGTBs, as well as the torrents available for same, and also direct http download with a browser.

eMule was the slowest and most inefficient. I had a low ID and maybe that's why it was slow, only about 20 KBps download. I made a reasonable effort to fix it, as described in this thread, but no luck. My up/download ratio was 0.7, so I had to upload almost as much as downloaded, augmenting problems with my ISP's usage caps. It would have taken me several years to download the complete 6-piece set in this fashion.

utorrent was a little faster, maybe because the up/down ratio could be adjusted, but the download speed was still slow - like 35-40 KBps. Only the pawnless tablebases are available in this manner, insofar as I'm aware, so it's only a partial solution.

http download with a browser is the fastest, about 80 KBps on my system, the maximum speed my ISP service allows. It wouldn't do much good to have a faster download speed because my ISP caps usage at 150 GB/month (up+down). Also it's very tedious because the only available source won't allow multiple connections. Normally I would setup enough parallel downloads to run for 8+ hours without my attention, but that isn't allowed. That server will only accept one download connection at a time from the same IP. I also found it necessary to get a new IP occasionally, otherwise it wouldn't let me restart downloads that had failed for various reasons. I figure it would take me almost a year to acquire the complete 6-piece EGTBs in this manner, and maybe several 100 man-hours of work.

Most practical is obviously to have somebody copy them to a hard drive and ship to me, which is the method I'm currently investigating.
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