4x4 Chess

Database interface

Here you can check the database value and best moves for any of the already solved positions. The following databases are included:

DTMAll 2 to 9-piece
DTXAll 2 to 8-piece
DTCAll 2 to 8-piece
DTZAll 2 to 8-piece
WDLAll 2 to 9-piece
DTM (Distance to mate)
DTX (Distance to capture or mate)
DTC (Distance to conversion or mate)
DTZ (Distance to zeroing or mate)
WDL (Win/Draw/Loss)

The interface is hosted on different machine from these pages, because the data is too large for my hosting. So, if the interface does not open - it means my other machine is temporarily offline (due to earthquake, tsunami, kids, other natural disasters, or could be just maintenance). In such case don't worry, I'll probably fix it soon.

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