Genome Search Toolkit


Genome Search Toolkit is a set of scripts for managing massive local homology searches.


2016-08-24 – Uploaded version 0.2.2.

2015-07-21 – Uploaded version 0.2.1.

2015-05-19 – Uploaded version 0.2.0.

2014-09-30 – First version 0.1.0 is released.


Current version:

Old versions:

(Distributed under the zlib/libpng license, see the included LICENSE.txt for details)

Example blast command template: cmd blastn -task blastn -evalue 3.80e-2 -dbsize 3200000000 -outfmt 6 -max_target_seqs 1 -show_gis -query "{QUERY}" -db "{DBBLAST}" -num_threads {NTHREADS} | filter-b6-keep-one-hit-per-query | process-b6-shorten-sname >"{OUTDIR}{QDIR}{QNAME}.[blastn-3.80e-2-one]/{DBDIR}{DBNAME}.b6"

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