FASTA Splitter


2015-03-27 – Version 0.2.4:

2014-08-29 – Version 0.2.2:

2014-08-25 – Version 0.2.1:

2014-02-14 – Version 0.2.0 is a rewrite with following improvements:

  • Now it never tries to load the complete input into memory.
  • When splitting into parts of known size, no loger loads each complete sequence into memory. (Enabled by scanning the input extra time and remembering part boundaries).
  • As a useful by-product of the extra scanning, the script no longer guesses the number of parts (when only part size is specified), but computes and reports the exact number prior to actual splitting.
  • Added splitting by number of sequences.
  • Now number of parts and part size can be specified at the same time, to extract a sample from beginning of the input file.
  • Now it always writes to current directory. Before the output was written to the same directory with the input file.
  • Added ability to process multiple files with a single command.
  • Breaking sequence into lines can be disabled (--line-length 0).
  • More robust handling of line breaks (e.g., correct handling of input containing line breaks that differ from platform default, or even mixture of line break formats).
  • Added --help and --version.
  • Overall speed increase.

This version has new command line format, please note when upgrading from previous version.

2012-03-02 – Version 0.1.1 - minor correction.

2012-02-01 – This page is created, version 0.1.0 is uploaded.

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