Stop Russia-Ukraine War!

I am shocked and horrified by Russia's sudden and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. It's so unreal I still can't believe what is happening.

Ethnically I am half Russian and half Ukrainian. I was born in USSR, where multi-culturalism was one of the fundamental values. It's incredibly sad to see it degraded to the point of these two closest nations being at war, shooting at each other.

I haven't lived in Russia for more than 21 years now. I still have friends there, who are as shocked as I am, and who oppose the ongoing war, risking their freedom. Now many of them are trying to leave the country, while they still can.

It's terrible that a mad dictator has so much power to ruin people's lives, all for his own selfish interests that are diametrically opposite to the interestes of the country and its people. This was already clear for some while now, and worsening gradually, but now reached an entirely new level of disconnect and insanity.

I believe that Russian political leadership has gone completely insane. Now Russia entered the path of self destruction, and the catastrophe will worsen rapidly with each passing day of the war.

Russia's any remaining hope for avoiding the worst possible outcomes is with urgent removal of Putin's government from power, immediate withdrawal of all invading forces from Ukraine, maximal rectifying of crimes and destruction, and deep reflection on a more productive path forward.

My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people, as well as with anyone resisting the regime in Russia.

Kirill Kryukov, 2022-03-03