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Old news

March 30, 2008
This site changed the address, please update your bookmarks.
March 3, 2008
Removed broken link to eMule help site (which disappeared).
Added link to www.emulehelp.tk site which has useful guides about configuring various routers and firewalls to work with eMule.
February 27, 2008
Corrected link to "incomplete tablebase problem" explanation in Aaron Tay's FAQ.
Corrected link to Winboard Forum.
Corrected link to Dieter Brner's list of most important endgames.
Added link to wikipedia article in the introduction.
February 21, 2008
Added lnks to Norm Pruitt's sites with 3-to-5-men EGTB.
February 20, 2008
Norm Pruitt tells me that his FTP site is online again. Thanks Norm!
February 19, 2008
Added link to 3-4-5-men Nalimov tablebases hosted by Joshua Shriver. Thanks, Josh!
Added link to John Tamplin's online interface to endgame tables, posted by ernest in EGTB Forum. (Thanks to Guy Haworth for reminding me!)
February 17, 2008
John Kominek found an error in stat file kbpkn.tbs. He posted his logic and the correct file here. I updated the all-5-men-32p-tbs.zip archive on this site with the corrected file. Thanks, John!
February 8, 2008
One year ago I submitted our links to the eMule Content Database. Now Nalimov 6-men tablebases is second most popular release, next only to eMule itself. I suspect this is just because of enormous number of files we share. Still this is encouraging!
February 2, 2008
November 17, 2007
A new handy program for testing tablebase integrity is available! Check this thread for details and download link. Thanks to Michael Metlov and Victor Zakharov!
August 8, 2007
This site moved to a new server, please update your bookmarks!
June 8, 2007
We are starting to share Scorpio bitbases on eD2K/KAD network for those who have problems downloading them elsewhere.
November 5, 2006
All pawnless 6-piece tablebases have 10 or more complete sources! They are all marked with "" now.
October 25, 2006
Some of our members have to use obfuscated eMule protocol (because of provider's 'traffic shaping', or just for privacy). This means that you will not be able to connect to them unless you use latest eMule client. So, if you are still using eMule version older than 0.47c or another client, it is perfect time to upgrade to latest eMule. You will find more sources (including at least one additional full collection source). Also here is one more message by Thomas.
In other news, eMule Xtreme 5.3.1 is out. It is based on eMule 0.47c, so it has obfuscated protocol support.
October 11, 2006
Today I found that the last rare sets all have at least 3 full sources, so the entire collection should be reliably available from now. It took us less than a year to reach this point, since the project was started in November 2005. Congratulations and thanks to all members! Please keep downloading and sharing! (Let's see how long it will take before all files have 10 full sources).
Thomas is sharing his experience about the best way to configure eMule. Please take a look and try to do the same (or post a better way).
If you have not yet, please update your eMule to version 0.47c. It fixes some bugs and introduces important new feature: obfuscated connection. (Posted by Thomas here).
August 24, 2006
Keith Ian Price is releasing the last of the 33p sets: KQPKBP and KQPKRB! Now all links and MD5 for 6-men tablebases (except 5+1) are available at this page! Big thanks to Eugene, Nelson and Keith for sharing, and to all participants for making it possible!
Rafael Andrist released Wilhelm 1.50. New version has suppost for latest tablebases, including KPPKPP, and some bugfixes (list of changes).
August 22, 2006
Added new links from Keith: KPPKPP, KRPKPP, KRPKNP, KRPKBP, KRNKPP, KQPKRN. Thanks to Eugene, Nelson and Keith for sharing!
August 20, 2006
Keith Ian Price shares KRBKPP, KQPKNP and KQPKRP - eD2K links and MD5 signatures are added to this page now. Thanks to Eugene, Nelson and Keith!
August 17, 2006
Keith Ian Price started sharing KBPKNP, KBPKPP and KQPKPP online, the links are added to this page! The route of these files: Eugene Nalimov => Nelson Hernandez => Keith Price => eD2K/KAD p2p network. Thanks to Eugene, Nelson and Keith!
August 9, 2006
The second of the missing sets - KNPKPP - is available now on eD2K/KAD network. Many thanks to Marc Bourzutschky for generating it and to Joshua Shriver for taking care that it is shared online!
August 8, 2006
Finally we have progress with the remaining 33p sets. Marc Bourzutschky generated all 16 missing 33p sets, and now we are working to bring them online! Joshua Shriver is in charge of initial distribution, with the help of a few releasers.
KBNKPP - The first of the remaining "missing" sets - is available online now, generated by Marc Bourzutschky and brought online by Joshua Shriver. The remaining sets should follow soon. Thanks to Marc and Josh!
May 23, 2006
Dan Wulff and Renze Steenhuisen both have sent me the links to three more sets: KRBKNP, KQNKRP and KQNKQP. Thanks Dan and Renze! Now only 16 33p sets are still missing.
May 16, 2006
Renze Steenhuisen is sharing new 33p sets: KQNKNP and KQNKBP. Thanks, Renze!
May 13, 2006
Renze Steenhuisen is sharing 7 new 42p sets: KQQPKP, KQQPKN, KQQPKB, KQQPKR, KQQPKQ, KQQNKP, KQQBKP. Thanks, Renze!
Dan Wulff is in turn sharing 10 new 42p sets: KRBNKP, KRBBKP, KRRNKP, KRRBKP, KQNNKP, KQBNKP, KQBBKP, KQRNKP, KQRBKP, KQRRKP. Thanks, Dan!
With this addition of the last rare 42p sets the 42p collection seems complete! Congratulations and thanks to everyone! Now let's download and spread those files to make them safe.
April 23, 2006
Added KQBKNP, after receiving links from Dan Wulff. Thanks, Dan and everyone sharing it!
Renze mailed me links for KRBKBP, KQPKBN and KQPKBB; they are added now to this page! Thanks, Renze!
April 22, 2006
Dan sent me links to KQBKBP. Thanks to Dan, Renze, and everyone sharing this set!
April 15, 2006
Added links to KRPKBB, KRNKBP, KRRKNP, KQRKPP, KQRKBP - all shared by Renze. Thanks to Renze for this nice addition!
April 7, 2006
Renze sent me links for KQQKPP and KQQKRP, that he is now sharing online. Added to this page. Thanks, Renze!
March 27, 2006
Ryan Hirst is sharing KNNKPP, checked by Wilhelm. I added it to this page now. Thanks, Ryan!
March 15, 2006
Good news from Renze: he received a lot of new files from Eiko Bleicher, and is going to share them online soon! For now he have sent me the links to the two new sets: KRRKPP and KQRKNP. Thanks Renze and Eiko!
March 5, 2006
Keith Ian Price told me that he, Dan, and Nelson are already sharing KQPKQP, and sent me the links. I added the links to this page and started downloading it. Thanks to Keith and everyone sharing it!
Dan Wulff sent me links to KQRKQP. Added to this page now. Thanks to Dan and everyone sharing it!
February 27, 2006
Keith Ian Price is telling me that KQPKRR is already shared online. I added the links to this page and started downloading it. Thanks to everyone sharing it!
February 12, 2006
Dan Wulff is sharing 16 more sets: KRRPKP, KRRPKN, KRRPKB, KRRPKR, KQPPKN, KQPPKB, KQPPKR, KQNPKN, KQNPKB, KQNPKR, KQBPKN, KQBPKB, KQRPKN, KQRPKB, KQRPKR, KQRPKQ. With this addition our 4+2+p collection is very close to completion! Thanks, Dan!
February 9, 2006
Dan Wulff is starting to share KRNPKP. Thanks Dan!
February 6, 2006
Renze informed me that he is sharing KRPPKN, and in fact eMule search already shows several sources for that set. Added to this page now. Thanks, Renze!
February 5, 2006
Dan Wulff is adding KRNPKN and KRNPKB to his "Shared" folder. Thanks, Dan!
February 3, 2006
Renze tells me that he is sharing KBNPKQ, KRNNKP, KRBPKN, KQNPKP and KQNPKQ. This means that Vincent also must be sharing these files. I added links and updated the availability. Thanks, Renze!
February 1, 2006
I searched the ed2k network for 4+2 sets one by one, and added the links to this page. I can confirm that all 4+2 pawnless bases are online, which means that from now all pawnless 6-men Nalimov bases are available and indexed on this page! (well, except 5+1 of course). Of course many have only one or two sources, so it will take some time before they are widely spread. Please feed those links to your eMule! (you can use the "All" links below each section).
January 31, 2006
Good news from Renze Steenhuisen and Vincent Diepeveen: they synchronized their collections and shared them complete with eMule! Now all 4+2 pawnless bases are available, and many more new sets. I'll look them up and add emulecollections to this page as soon as I will have time, for now please utilize eMule search to see if some set is already online. Thanks to Renze and Vincent!
January 30, 2006
Wilfried Eberl is putting online these new 3+3 sets: KRRKNN, KQBKNN, KQBKRR, KQRKRR, KQQKNN, KQQKBB, KQQKRN, KQQKRB. Thanks Wilfried!
I used eMule search to find that KQNKRN is already shared too, which completes the "3+3 no pawns" collection! From now all 3+3 tablebases without pawns are available to download!
January 27, 2006
eMule 0.47a is released! It has bugfixes and some cool features, particularly support for large files and fixed proxy support. Please upgrade at your first convenience! (unless you are using a mod)
January 26, 2006
Keith Ian Price is starting to share KQNPKQ. He will share it part by part, gradually, so not everything is available at once. Now only parts 0 and 1 are available, he will share the rest after these ones are spread. Please start downloading it! Thanks, Keith!
Dan Wulff shared new sets: KNNNKP, KNNPKQ, KBBNKP and KQBPKR. Thanks, Dan!
January 24, 2006
KQBNKR and KQPKNN are downloaded from Vincent Diepeveen and added to sharing. Thanks, Vincent!
January 17, 2006
I downloaded KQRPKP set from Vincent and added it to sharing. Thanks, Vincent!
January 14, 2006
I downloaded KBNPKP from Vincent, so now it's again shared online. Thanks, Vincent!
January 11, 2006
Peter Kasinski posted two more lists of endgame frequencies. Thanks, Peter!
KBNPKN is back online, after I could download it from Vincent Diepeveen. Thanks, Vincent!
January 10, 2006
Three new sets are shared by Dan Wulff: KRNKRN, KRBKRN, and KRBKRB. Thanks, Dan!
January 5, 2006
A new forum is opened for all discussions about endgame tablebases.

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