Please update to eMule 0.47c, hints for configuration.

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Please update to eMule 0.47c, hints for configuration.

Postby Pachnes » Mon Oct 02, 2006 9:21 am


some countries and some ISPs try to prevent their inhabitants/customers from using eMule. They do it either by blocking all traffic to the (known) IP-Adresses of eDonkey-Servers, or by throttling speed. Therefore the dev-team of eMule introduced a new feature to eMule 0.47c, called "obfuscation". Obfuscation does encrypt the traffic between clients and servers and between clients and clients. Before it was possible for ISPs, to investigate the traffic for some certain strings, which are inherent to the protocol, eMule does use.

So please do all update to eMule 0.47c -> ... m=download

My directories "eMuleTemp" and "Incoming" are not inside the directory "eMule". So it is easy to backup the directory "eMule" before updating.

Updates come with a clean server.met. To keep your server met clean, please go to "Options", "Server" and uncheck both "Get server adresses from connected servers" and "Get server adresses from connected clients". This should be done before updating.

To keep this clean server.met up to date in the future, make the following:

Go to "Options", "Server". Check "Update server list at startup", click on "List", delete all entries, if there are entries and write "" (without quotation marks) and save the file.

Before updating, go to "Servers", right click to "DonkeyServer No 2" and make it a static server. Only choose the "DonkeyServer No2" with the IP-address 62.x.x.x. The DonkeyServers with IP 72.x.x.x are fake servers. Make the same for the Server "Big Bang 9". Do not make it for other "Big Bang"-Servers, as they still use an old Server-Software.

To update your eMule, stop eMule, download "Binaries 0.47c" unpack it with an unzipper (free software "7-zip" is able to unpack *.rar-files) and just replace the old files in your eMule-directory with the new ones. Do not use the "Installer", which is offered to download too, it could happen that you loose some configuration.

Users, who do use eMule Xtreme, make the same, but just download from ->

You can update your eMule standard to eMule Xtreme by just copying the files of eMule Xtreme in your eMule-directory.

After updating you must delete the entry "emule" in the firewall of your windows xp (if it is active) and create a new entry "emule". This is nescessary, because the firewall might detect, that the program emule.exe is a new one and could block it.

Than you should open the file "...\emule\config\ipfilter.dat" and delete all entries in it. Some key users of this community have an IP-address, which is blocked by this ipfilter.dat. If you use emule Xtreme, please uncheck "automatic update of ipfilter.dat" in "Options", "Xtreme 1".

Than start your new emule. It should work as before for you.

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