Swiss Tournament by Teams

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Swiss Tournament by Teams

Postby Sergio Martinez » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:17 pm


- GUI : Arena 3.51
- Swiss system tournament by teams. The teams will consist of four engines from the same country. The engines that participate in the tournament will have to be classified in a previous classification tournament, that depending on the number of participants will have a system or another (round robin or swiss). In the main tournament there can be more than one team by country (example Germany A, B, C, etc.), the participation of these teams will also depend on the number of total engines.
- Time control: 40/40 (adapted to the CCRL benchmark).
- Ponder: off
- Threads : 1
- Default hash=256Mb,
- Endgame tablebases: Syzygy -- Nalimov -- Scorpio Bitbases -- Gaviota ---64Mb hash
- Resign is set to -5 for 3 consecutive moves where able.
- Updates will not be allowed during each tournament (each division)
- Open to all Winboard and UCI engines (free, private and commercial).
- The similarity tool will be used to determine whether or not an engine can participate (Engines allowed until 70% of moves match).
- Results will be rated only for engines already in the CCRL lists.
- All engines will use the same opening book limited to an 8 move depth.
- Engine authors can either post their wish for their engine to participate or contact through email ( or private message. I will choose engines by myself too.
-Startdate of qualify tournament: When swiss tournament 40/40 finish
-Startdate of tournament: When Qualify finish
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