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FRC Website updated

Postby Ray » Tue Dec 05, 2006 8:45 pm

The FRC website has been updated

- Movei 383 has now played extra games, and has replaced Movei 366
- Hermann 1.9 has replaced Hermann 1.7, and was about a 60 ELO improvement

After encountering bugs with Arena's FRC implementation, the small number of games played with Naum 2.0 have been removed. The Baron has also been removed, and the list has now reverted back to how it started - Shredder GUI UCI engines only

Next for testing will be Hiarcs 11 which is expected in the next few days. If it is stronger than Hiarcs X54, it will replace that. The Hiarcs team would be hoping that it would at least gain 2 ELO and move into 2nd place on the list.
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