Sub-8-man chess endgame records

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Sub-8-man chess endgame records

Postby guyhaw » Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:26 pm

I have published a survey of the deepest known endgame positions and lines of play from them.

'Deep' is measured in terms of DTC(onversion), DTM(ate) or DTZ(eroing of the ply-count).

The URL is where a pgn file of positions/lines, and an annotated version of the pgn, can be found.

Constructive comments, corrections and suggestions for addition are welcome.

The survey includes the latest result from the Lomonosov team in Moscow on 7-man endgames.

The survey was greatly helped by ChessOK's AQUARIUS interface to the MVL EGTs, and my thanks to them for this excellent facility.


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