Tablebases - what now ?

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Tablebases - what now ?

Postby muzzoid » Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:41 am

I've been making a tablebase generator for the past few days, and decided to look into it more deeply. I found this site, and also the lomonosov 7-man tablebase. What I want to know is what you people are working on now ? It seems hugely impractical to try and make an 8-man tablebase (massive memory requirements), so that doesn't seem to be an option with the current generation of hardware. And there doesn't seem to be much point to making your own 7-man one, if it's already completed.

So what are you trying to make ?

P.S. First time post, sorry if I break some rule :P
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Re: Tablebases - what now ?

Postby Kirill Kryukov » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:51 pm

Hello muzzoid, and welcome to this forum!

About the Lomonosov 7-man tablebases - they may be complete, but they are not available (unless I am missing something), as well as the generator they used. So there is still work to be done in this area.

In 6-man tablebases, probably syzygy's project is the current state of the art.

I am still thinking about various minichess topics, but haven't done much recently.
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Re: Tablebases - what now ?

Postby kronsteen » Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:18 pm

Hello muzzoid !

I'm currently working on 5-men DTM50 tablebases. These tablebases are the only ones who can give distance to mate playing with 50-move rule, and currently only exist for 3-4 men (see my previous posts past year). They are more complicated and more difficult to compute than standard DTM tablebases, explaining why they are less common and less advanced. If I don't meet unexpected difficulties I should be able to release most intersting 5-men DTM50 results (which occur primarily in knnkp, kqpkq, krpkq, and also in kbbkq, knnkq, kbbkn, krbkr, kqrkq) in a month or two)
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