KBBKNP with DTZ50 metric

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KBBKNP with DTZ50 metric

Postby schakal » Sun Apr 21, 2013 12:33 pm

Hi everybody!

I'm new here - sorry if "new topic" is not the apprpriate way to release this sort of question. Moreover I got very bad eyes and the search is quite difficult for me.

I have a cc game just before KBBKNP. The possible conversions to KBBKN have DTC-values of more or less 50 (checked with John Tamplin's superbe "jaet" page). So theoretically I need a DTZ50 (or DTZ50+ ?) version of KBBKNP to find the proper way. Nalimov says something like "mate in 81", but some of the conversions are not won under 50-moves rule.

Is there a DTZ50 version of KBBKNP available online somewhere? Or downloadable? Formatted like Nalimov-EGT? Or can I / do I have to generate the tablebase(s) for myself? I use Windows-XP.

Thanks very much.
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