Does anyone have the 7 man files for these 2 pos?

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Does anyone have the 7 man files for these 2 pos?

Postby dcorbit » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:18 pm

8/8/8/5Bp1/7k/8/4pPKP/8 w - -
8/6p1/7k/7B/6PK/2p2P2/8/8 w - -
They are Valentin Abillo positions.
I have bad scores from my analysis, but a 7 man file would "answer the question with finality"

Unfortunately, since they have pawns, I doubt if anyone has computed the files.
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Re: Does anyone have the 7 man files for these 2 pos?

Postby mbourzut » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:51 pm

The first position is a draw (white can build a fortress after 1.Bg4 e1=Q 2.h3, while the second position is won for Black. This is from a 7-man database, albeit without underpromotions to 7-man subgames. However, in these positions underpromotions without a prior capture are almost certainly not going to play a role.
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Re: Does anyone have the 7 man files for these 2 pos?

Postby dann corbit » Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:43 pm

Those were my general impressions.
dann corbit
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Re: Does anyone have the 7 man files for these 2 pos?

Postby cracae » Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:38 pm

Yes ;

" Knowledge4it " (LINK :- ) has the largest (and fastest!) to my knowledge at least ; web-based service on EGTB 's and they also mention that your position should contain a maximum of 6 pieces ; including Kings .This is due to the fact that 7pce Tablebases have not yet ( then ; at the time of this first being posted ) been produced ; and as far as the internet can answer on the subject ; is still in progress .

7-man EGTB's are now already available since 2011 ; ( But only Partially ; as the developing are still in progress; - according to most sites discussing this matter ) ; AND the physical size is going to be quite "ASTRONOMICAL" ; and I personally am not interested in EGTB's being decompressed before they can actually been used ; as that would have an effect on overall operation speed , you thus will have to own quite a large HDD !

The collection of EGTB's that I have on my PC's hdd is what I call a "special combination" ; and it's doing the thing faultlessly. Quite a few chess-sites offer a list of endgame positions in FEN with which you can actually test the performance of your program in using the EGTB'S , and off course depends on the collection of EGTB's which your program has access to.

To add to the discussion of the " strength of endgame play " one gets from EGTB's added as well as testing their effectivity with already widely and free available ; distance-to-mate positions , read on :-

( Re: The most important 6-man EGTBs? )
Post by cracae » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:06 am
Sorry my friends ; I (too) have just found out the answer to all our problems & questions = "Houdini"

I am sure they are vveeerrryyyyy proud of themselves. How am I so sure of my facts ?

I tested Houdini(1.5a) with only one "simple" (for a silicon ; that is-)
position ;- FEN :- 4K1nk/7p/8/7P/8/4N3/8/8 w - - 0 1 ; and that is of course WITHOUT ANY EGTB's !

I however ; do have a collection of 11.3 Gigs of EGTB's on my HDD, which I feel for practical and effectivity - reasons is quite necessary . Still ; - for Houdini 1.5a to get to the solution for above given study within 2 or 3 moves is quite a feat , as it is one very rare and instructive endgame study by the old-time pioneer-master Alexander Kotov , and the solution is a mate in 32 moves !

Longest Checkmates in FEN.txt
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