Sub-6-man DTC and DTZ EGTs

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Sub-6-man DTC and DTZ EGTs

Postby guyhaw » Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:09 am

I have made available a complete set of sub-6-man DTC and DTZ EGTs at the following URLs: ... DTCZ_EGTs/ ... all pawnless EGTs which are both DTC and DTZ ... /DTC_EGTs/ ... all Pawnful (and no P-less) DTC EGTs ... /DTZ_EGTs/ ... all DTZ EGTs (so you get the P-less ones again)

These are to the Nalimov format and generated by Marc Bourzutschky's software.

Caveat: you will sometimes get surprising depth figures returned as commercial software will assume they are DTM EGTs and base the current depth on the depth after the move (which might be a capture or P-push!).

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