Registration - You must read this to sign-up!

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Registration - You must read this to sign-up!

Postby Shaun » Sun Feb 08, 2009 12:08 am

You must read and follow the instructions to register on this forum.

We are getting a lot of registrations from Spammers - we have therefore implemented a registration code in an attempt to reduce the number of spam accounts.

The idea behind this is here.

1. To register you require a sign-up code.

To calculate the sign-up code

Take the number of pawns on a chess board at the start of the game (white and black) and multiply this by 10 and then add 9999 the answer is the current sign-up code.

If you have problems please send us an email (support[at]computerchess[dot]org[dot]uk).

[b] 2. We have a preference for real names rather than aliases, this is a preference not a rule but please use your name if possible!

Thank you

The CCRL team
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Re: Registration - You must read this to sign-up!

Postby Ray » Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:21 pm

This thread was meant to provide information to enable people to sign up, and not really to engage in discussions on various topics. Accordingly, all post under this thread have now been deleted, and the thread locked. Anyone who has posted here is invited to post in the public forum instead.

Thank you.
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