Wuala can help us, to share tablebases!

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Wuala can help us, to share tablebases!

Postby Pachnes » Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:48 pm

There is a new technology, named "Wuala" (french voilà), to share files over the internet. (http://www.wuala.com)

I ask you all, to read about this.

We could use this, to share a complete set via "Wuala". What do you think about my suggestion? We would not need eMule anymore.

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Re: Wuala can help us, to share tablebases!

Postby Kirill Kryukov » Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:53 am

From the first glance, I don't think it's a good idea. For the reasons below:

1. eMule was 5 years old when we started this project. eDonkey network was even older. It was a stable and proven network, rock solid and reliable. How reliable Wuala is remains to be seen at this moment.
2. eMule is an open source. Wuala is closed source, not to mention it is written in Java. I don't want to run closed source networked applications unless I absolutely have to.
3. Wuala is run by a commercial company. The company may lose interest, go out of business, get purchased by Google, etc... The network is not safe while it is run by a company. eMule, on the other hand, could sustain its development and the network for many years without any corporate support.
4. Storage space does not appear out of nowhere. In Wuala (as far as I understand) you have to either purchase more space, or trade it with your own space. I would much rather share exactly the files I want to share, than swap my space with someone else who may easily corrupt or lose my files.
5. The bandwidth does not come out of nowhere either. Suppose I am able to contribute 100 KB/s bandwidth. With or without Wuala, this figure does not change. With eMule I am in total control how the bandwidth is used. With Wuala I have no idea.
6. With eMule I can quickly share or unshare files as I see fit. I can also set priorities. I can also monitor who downloads from me, and how much. Wuala is totally closed. (Not sure since I did not run its client, and I am not going to run it due to reason 2).

BitTorrent is much closer to be able to substitute eMule. The only real downside of eMule is the necessity to install a client software, which may look difficult to some. But well, chess software is also not always easy to set up and use, and Wuala requires client software too (which is much worse as it is closed source).

So as you see I am a bit pessimistic about Wuala. But you can go ahead and run a pilot project. Select some files, share them in Wuala, ask someone else to download them, etc... I am curious to hear how it works.
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Re: Wuala can help us, to share tablebases!

Postby PAKman » Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:30 am

Let me say first that I am an eMule and aMule fan.
I use both, eMule on PAKman No1 and PAKMan No2, aMule on PAKman No3.
I was a downloader/uploader for more than a year, but now only upload all available Nalimov EGTBs.
eMule has worked for me flawlessly and the old adage ( If its not broke don't fix it ) applies to my computers.
Thomas=Pachnes taught me to use eMule and I will listen to his new adventure with interest, but will be slow to follow.
Good Luck Thomas you taught me well. Thanks !
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